The most difficult part about getting started is making the decision to reach out for help, and immediately following that decision with an action. As soon as you make initial contact, the most difficult part of the process is over and you are well on your way to becoming the best version of yourself.

Below you will find the link containing basic information on my practice in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Fees & Insurance Coverage

For more information on on fees, using health insurance, and the duration of coaching sessions, please visit Fees, Forms,FAQ’s.

If you have already booked an appointment with me, there is some personal information I will need to gather before we get started. Please feel free to reach out directly with any questions you might have.

I encourage new clients to complete the initial session packet at least one day prior to our first therapeutic session.


  • Please keep a copy of the last 4 pages for your personal reference.
  • If coming for couples, marriage, or family coaching, each individual will be required to complete the forms.

Free parking is available directly out front or across the street, or on nearby side streets.

Here are three ways to connect with me:

  1. Call me directly at 518-932-1747.
  2. Email me at
  3. Utilize the contact form below.
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