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All resources listed are provided for your information only. Dawn LaCarte does not endorse any specific programs or companies. Accordingly, DLC cannot be held liable for the accuracy of this information, nor the quality of services rendered. The resources listed below may help make your journey a successful one. There is a great deal of information and help available, and I hope you take the first step in overcoming challenges associated with behavioral health, addiction and mental health disorders.

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Twelve Step & Other Resources

The following links are listed to provide you with additional online information and resources.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Living with Anxiety
Natural Remedies for Anxiety
Overcoming Anxiety
What is Anxiety?

5 Tips for Better Work/Life Balance
Life is a Balancing Act – The Book
MindTools – The Wheel of Life
Spiritual Balance
Creating Life Balance To Achieve Success
How to Create Balance
Is Your Life in Balance – Take the Quiz!

Career and Job Searching:

Career Guide –
Find Jobs.  Build a Better Career
One Search.  All Jobs.
The Largest Job Search
Job Search and Career Advice
Job Hunting – News, Trends and More

Communication Skills:

10 Keys to Becoming…
Mind Tools – Improving Communication
Master Communication Skills & Confidence

Conflict Resolution:

Conflict Resolution Information Source
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Conflict Management Strategies and Styles
Helpguide – Conflict Resolution Skills
Mindtools – Conflict Resolution


How to Grow as a Couple
How to Improve Your Relationship
Improving Relationships
Seven Steps to Improving Relationships

10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking
10 Steps for Boosting Your Creativity
Using Your Creativity to Find Satisfaction
SUCCESS Magazine


Dealing with Depression
Medline Plus – News/Information
National Institute of Mental Health – Depression
Helping Someone With Depression
WebMD – Causes of Depression
What is Depression?

Family Mediation:
Teaching Skills to Parents
Family Mediation Council
Juvenile Services
NDRI – Handle Your Children Sibling Battles…
The Basics of Family Mediation
Why Kids Fight and How to Help

“Getting Unstuck”:
Harvard Business School – Feeling Stuck?
Persistence Unlimited – How To Get Unstuck
Ultra Wellness – How To Get Unstuck
What should You do When You’re Stuck
Anthony Robbins – Letting Go
How To Get Unstuck
Taming Your Turbulent Past
How To Get Unstuck from Depression
What should You do When You’re Stuck

Health and Wellbeing:

Gizmag – Articles on Health and Wellbeing
Healthy Happy Prosperous Mind Body & Soul
iVillage – Health and Wellbeing
The Center for Health and Wellbeing


Fear of Intimacy
Handling Intimacy
How to Build Intimacy In Your Relationship
Sex and the Search for Intimacy – Fear of Intimacy
The Impact of Fear of Intimacy
Wikipedia – Intimate Relationship

Loss and Grief:

BBC – The Cycle of Grief
Coping with Grief and Loss
How to Move on
The Psychology of Death

How Self-Motivated Are You?
How to Motivate Yourself
Motivation for Success
Self Motivation – How Can You Improve Yours?
Motivation Blogs
Motivation 123

Shame and Guilt:

Guilt and Shame
The Difference Between Shame and Guilt
Letting Go of Shame and Guilt

Workplace Resolution:
8 Strategies to Manage Workplace Conflict
Conflict Resolution Skills
Conflict Resolution Activities
People Management Tips
Tips for Dealing With Workplace Conflict
Articles on Conflict Resolution
Mediating Conflict Resolution

Associations & Institutes

Suicide Awareness and Hotlines


The following resources are general resources to support over-all well-being and physical health. The resources are intended to complement, not replace, professional medical advice.

Medications and Health Supplements

Women’s Health


General Health



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