The book of our lives is made up of many individual chapters, and moving from one chapter to the next is not always a straightforward process. Very few of us make it to adulthood without living through some rough patches and walking away with lasting scars — no matter how committed we have been to healing ourselves, there is always more work to be done. No matter how self-sufficient and capable we are, we can always benefit from additional support. If you have been moving through a major life transition, coping with stress, grieving a personal loss, living with a mental health condition or if you are simply looking to experience more joy in your life, I can help. Life Coaching might be an ideal solution to whatever challenge you are facing.

My Approach to Therapeutic Life Coaching

My approach to coaching is unique in several ways. First of all, I don’t subscribe to the traditional coach-client relationship. We will work towards developing a trusting friendship; we will engage openly and honestly in a truly collaborative setting, ultimately creating lasting and quantifiable change. Together we will explore the previous chapters of your life, and decide how we want to alter the tone and plot of your personal storyline moving forward.

With over 25 years of clinical experience in behavioral health and addiction I combine education with an integrative, heart-centered approach to your healing. Think of me as your accountability partner, your mindset strategist, and your sounding board who always responds with candor and compassion.

As your Coach I help you push past limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. Together, we will discover your “why” and help you recognize your own power. We will work to translate your vision for your life into actionable next steps you can implement right away.

Is Therapeutic Coaching Right for Me?

This program is perfect for you if you are a high functioning, goal-oriented individual seeking help with substance use, career planning, family recovery support or transitional trauma.

It often feels easier to run and hide during life’s most difficult moments. In most cases, this is simply because we lack the healthy coping mechanisms necessary to make these moments manageable. When we run and hide, we prevent ourselves from learning the valuable lessons hidden throughout every particularly difficult experience.

It is impossible to become your best, most enlightened self when you are living in survival mode. It takes a great deal of courage to take the initial step and reach out for help — once you take this step, you are well on your way to finding growth in the midst of what feels like an unconquerable personal crisis.

Different Kinds of  Therapeutic Coaching

What kind of Life Coaching service is right for you? Whether you are facing a difficult life transition, navigating problems in a romantic relationship, struggling with a substance use disorder, or experiencing a unique personal crisis, I am available to help.

Family Coaching

Maybe you are an empty-nester who has been struggling with feelings of purpose and personal passion after your youngest child left for college. You could be facing cohabitation with an aging parent who now needs care, or maybe you are stuck making the difficult decision about whether or not to move that parent into an assisted-living facility. Perhaps you have a newly blended family, or you have recently welcomed an adoptive child into your life. Whatever transition you and your family are going through, you will undeniably benefit from support and encouragement as I guide you through this transformation to integrate it in a healthy way.

Couples Coaching

When personal problems go unresolved they are liable to take a toll on romantic partnerships. In many instances, taking a deep and honest look at yourself can have a positive impact on your relationships. But healing yourself isn’t always enough — in some cases, you will have to work with your partner to overcome ongoing issues.

Maybe communicating effectively seems impossible; you keep hitting the same verbal roadblocks over and over again. Maybe you and your partner are attempting to work through intimacy issues, infidelity, or a pervasive lack of trust. Maybe your partner is struggling with a substance use issue or mental illness, and you aren’t sure how to approach the situation. No matter what the case may be, I am available to help.

Couples often seek counseling when their relationship is at a standstill, or if they are trying to determine whether or not the relationship is even worth trying to repair. In reality, it is never “too soon” to seek the guidance and support of a trusted professional. Even if a problem seems small or insignificant, it has the potential to snowball into something relationship-ruining if it is not adequately addressed. I help you confront the source of the conflict head-on while teaching you the skills you need to communicate in healthy, mutually beneficial ways moving forward.

What are the Benefits of Couples Coaching?

When you begin to prioritize your own needs, you allot yourself the opportunity to improve your interpersonal relationships. Together, we will look at the ways in which your upbringing and attachment style impact your current partnership. We will explore your current coping mechanisms, and help you develop new strategies that benefit every area of your life. As you continue investing in your personal growth and in the functionality of your romantic relationship, you will experience a renewed sense of self-love — and love for your partner. Old issues and tired arguments will finally be resolved, and if anything else should arise down the road, you will intuitively know how to tackle it — together.

You belong here. ♡