With so many treatment programs available, it can be difficult to decide which is the best facility for oneself or a loved one. We take the burden of analysis paralysis off of your shoulders with our extensive, trusted network of facilities and professionals. We stay up to date by visiting treatment centers and expanding our professional network, allowing us to match clients with clinically-appropriate, high-quality programs nationwide.

Given the strong presence of web advertising and many choices in behavioral health programs and providers, it can be difficult to discern the most appropriate and reputable treatment option. DLC remains current on changes in the field by visiting treatment centers and utilizing our extensive network of professionals, allowing us to connect clients to clinically appropriate, high-quality, hospitals, therapeutic boarding schools, residential programs, and transitional living environments.

Similarly to our treatment consultations, during a placement, we gather background information and review available psychological testing and/or diagnostic assessments to obtain a comprehensive clinical picture. Based on our findings, DLC will generate a report with recommended treatment options and facilities.

We will also assist with admission to a client’s chosen facility or program and can help with other care options if availability is currently limited.


We are ready to match you with the right services to make your treatment and recovery experience as seamless as possible. Call us today at 518-932-1747 to get started.

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