Life is difficult. We are all facing a multitude of challenges at this very moment. If you’re visiting this page, you may be experiencing a difficult life transition or personal crisis, having problems in your relationship, perhaps realizing that you’re drinking excessively, feeling worried about a loved one who is using drugs or alcohol, or having a hard time feeling like yourself again after a traumatic event.

When you align yourself with your life purpose, your talents, your passion and your vision for your future will bring joy into your life. A life coach will inspire and empower you. Lift you up and help you shine.

You have taken an important step just by looking into coaching options. I’m committed to providing the highest quality coaching available. I’m here to provide you with skilled professional guidance and compassionate support, helping you to find hope and meaning through difficult times. Whether you move forward with me or another provider, I urge you to continue on this path, and remember that you do not have to go it alone.


Dawn LaCarte